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Luca’s Core MBA

  • A 2 days course which teaches you the fundamental concepts taught in an MBA (Master in Business Administration).
  • You gain most of the benefits of an MBA, without having to spend one year of your life and $30000 or more (the Core MBA only costs $499-$999, depending on the location).
  • You learn directly from Luca, who has extensive field experience and worked with real managers in real companies; not from an old academician teaching from his Ivory Tower.
  • You will boost your career and approach your work with more confidence and know-how.
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Luca’s Online MBA

  • A light version of the Core MBA for those who cannot physically attend the face-to-face course.
  • The online course contains the same topics of the face-to-face Core MBA, however explained without the same depth and exhaustivity.
  • It is delivered through a series of daily emails, with 5-minutes content.
  • The first module is free.
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